The Return of the High-Altitude Gardener
At long last the High-Altitude Gardener has returned to the Denver Botanic Gardens Web site. This searchable online database features some of the favorite plants of the Gardens' horticulture staff that are also some of the best plants to grow in this region. You can link to the High-Altitude Gardener by clicking on one of the images above or look for it on the Gardens' Web site under Gardening Resources.
Don't Miss It! Week of Sept. 28
A few things to see in the Gardens this week... • Pods and Berries: The Rose Garden Pergola supports two remarkable versions of Porcelain Berry Vine (Ampelopsis)—a variegated and a green leaf version. The really cool thing, though, is the berries, which can be purple, turquoise, magenta, green, and orange—all at the same time!
A new addition to our collections: ‘Wally’ the Wollemi Pine
Last Weekend for Dinosaurs!
Be sure to take advantage of great weather this weekend to see the “Jurassic Gardens” Exhibit one last time. The popular exhibition runs through Wednesday, Sept. 30. Kids of all ages love hunting for these prehistoric creatures on the grounds. You'll find life-sized, realistic dinosaurs at our York Street location. Denver Botanic Gardens at Chatfield hosts giant prehistoric bugs. Come see them before the exhibit is extinct!
Don't Miss It! Week of Sept. 21
Fall is an amazing time in the Gardens! Be sure to take advantage of blue skies and cooler temperatures--come to the Gardens and enjoy these beauties.  Here are a few things to look for this week. Cultivars ‘Indian Chief,’ ‘Brilliant,’ ‘Purple Emperor,’ and ‘Autumn Fire’ give you an idea of the color palate you can see in these tough, xeric plants. And as a ground cover, Sedum ‘Angelina’ can’t be topped for...
The Wisdom of Mutual Discovery
Ambassador Jan here! Wanna know a little secret of mine? I actually do not know the names of ALL the plants at Denver Botanic Gardens. That’s right. I’ll give you a minute to get over the shock….
Let the Games Continue III
A cool and rainy summer brings a different, yet inspiring water garden display to Denver Botanic Gardens. Visitors traversing the Gardens from the southeast corner are again treated to the soothing magical sounds of water, waterlilies galore and dramatic reflections. Romantic Garden Pool A ninth member to the RMLC was added this year. The versatile and beautiful white waterlily from nearby Berkeley Lake, was christened N. ‘Bea Taplin’ by Chief Executive Officer Brian...
Thursday, Sept. 17 from 7-10 p.m. Featuring art and music by:  Noisefold, Equulei, offthesky, Tess, Movax, Bryan Leister, Daniel McGlynn, Chrissy Espinoza, Acre Collective and David Fodel, Sarah Soriano and Leo Kacenjar. This is the second year that local and national artists and musicians will come to Denver Botanic Gardens to present their explorations of the intersection of the digital and natural worlds. This year, the artists will focus on themes from...
Passion in the garden
Mycophiles Wanted