The Great Pumpkin Hunt: Seedlings Classes
Don't miss this class next Tuesday at Denver Botanic Gardens. If you have a 3-, 4- or 5-year old, sign them up for an adventure out in the Gardens.  The adventure starts out learning about the pumpkin life cycle and the pumpkin plant family. 
Don't Miss It! Week of October 24th
• Don’t forget to look down; you’ll notice a lot of low-growing color. Perennial Walk offers a particularly good example of Polygonum, and you can find plenty of low-growing Sumac (Rhus aromatica) spread beneath the trees in the Ponderosa Border.
Overwintering Hardy Aquatic Plants at Denver Botanic Gardens
The most pressing concern of the Gardens' visitors each summer relates to what we do with our aquatic plants during the winter. The horticulture staff is now challenged as construction continues with the dynamic restructuring of our Gardens. Although we must make adjustments in over-wintering plants, the same principles apply. Hardy waterlilies are hardy to zone 5a (USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Map) and can be over-wintered in Denver by lowering the...
Fun Night Out: Holiday Sale Preview Party!
A Huge Thank You to Volunteers!
On behalf of the entire staff of Denver Botanic Gardens we want to thank all our Pumpkin Festival volunteers for the time, energy, and incredible enthusiasm you contributed to the 21st Annual Pumpkin Festival. The weather was amazing and so were you!
Topsy turvy Crocuses...
Creating Community: Seedlings Classes
This is a time where kids from ages 3-5 can get together, have fun and explore the wonders of nature.  Their parents also have fun with one another and find camaraderie in the fact that their children are learning not only to appreciate nature, but also how to interact with nature and preserve its beauty. 
Don't Miss It! Week of October 17th
• But to enjoy the season at its best, now is the time to step back from individual plants and admire sweeps of color and texture. Enjoy the reds and golds, browns and greens. Plenty of beautiful leaves remain: Korean Spice Viburnum (Viburnum carlesii) and Rowan (Sorbus aucuparia) in the Birds and Bees Garden,   • Favorite lunch spot this week: The Knot Garden is looking fairly untouched by the hard frost. Pick a bench...
Forest on Fire!!!
Here is a picture of Judy Sellers in one of her typical wild habitats! In addition to being a long time volunteer and supporter of DBG, Judy is a landscape designer and active environmental steward, prominent in the Nature Conservancy and Garden Club of America, among many other organizations. She has written the text for Colorado Wild, a stunning tribute to nature in Colorado.
Sam Mitchel Herbarium of Fungi Dedication
Dr. Duane H. "Sam" Mitchel (1917-1993) was a medical doctor by training. He turned a love of wild fungi into a second profession in 1965 when he established a collection of preserved fungi at Denver Botanic Gardens. He donated his time, equipment and supplies to create the foundation of our mycological lab; the first with proper documentation of collections for this region. Dr. Mitchel’s initial collection of almost 4,000 specimens...