Natural Dye Making in Berry Bonanza: Seedlings Classes
How to be a Garden Insider
Ambassador Jan here! It feels so good to be back with you after a hiatus in October to clean up my own gardens and to get snowed in, LOL. I was at the Gardens last Saturday on an immaculate, crisp blue Colorado day. We had a lot of visitors on that day – so nice to see you!
Autumn blooms
Autumn is never my favorite season but it is perhaps the season that I find myself savoring moments and days the most. Soon a bitter north wind will be blowing and the 2009 gardening season will be but a memory and photos. In the mean time there is much to admire on these balmy late autumn days. Panayoti Kelaidis wrote about a nice array of fall blooming crocus last month and...
The Nature of Music in Denver!
Denver Botanic Gardens is pleased to announce that Swallow Hill Music Association is its new concert promotions partner for the booking and production of all Denver Botanic Gardens concerts, commencing in the 2010 season.  This new partnership reflects recent changes in the Gardens’ strategy and direction, including a desire to better align itself with organizations that have a similar brand and common goals. The Gardens and Swallow Hill Music are a...
Now is the dawning of the age of the Meadow
Don't Miss It! Week of November 7th
This time of year, a little inside and a little outside is where I want to be; it all depends on the weather. Luckily, either way I have something to see and something to learn. • Is This Tree Dead? No, actually, it is a Larix sibirica or Siberian Larch, which is a deciduous pine tree—that is, it loses its needles (more correctly called leaves) in the fall and sprouts new...
Creating your own Worm Compost Bin: Seedlings Classes
Botanica Magnifica on Saturday
New Species to Colorado Discovered
Because identification of mushrooms is so difficult, it is believed that only a very small percentage of existing species are even known to science.  Hence, identification by visiting experts is critical for any herbarium to determine if previously collected specimens might have been misidentified, or to update names that have been changed.  Dr. Bates has extensively studied the Gastromycetes (puffballs and their allies) in desert areas of Arizona and has...
Tropical dreamin'
  Some people love snow. My idea of a good winter sport is snorkling--NOT at a local reservoir incidentally...for those of us who love lushness and green, winter can stretch interminably. I'm not the only one living in denial: Mark McCauley is a keen local gardener who has a special interest in growing plants that SHOULDN'T grow here, and has even succeeded in growing Amorphophallus konjac, a cousin to the Titanic aroid...