Children's Garden drop-in programs schedule
Enhance your visit to the Mordecai Children’s Garden with one of our free drop-in programs. Offered every weekday, these programs will help your child connect to the wonders of the natural world. Programs are free with admission and do not require any advance registration. Exploration Station Drop by the Exploration Station every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday morning to take a closer look at the wonders of nature. Dissect a plant in the...
Water-Smart Gardening: Appearances Can Be Deceiving
So much is happening at our Mordecai Children's Garden!
Last week was such an exciting week in the Children’s Garden!  It was so nice to see so many friends come to visit the new garden.  I have been watching the final phases of the Children's Garden construction very closely.  Pipsqueak Pond is starting to take shape.  I can’t wait to explore this new environment!  I took a sneak peak of Sagebrush Stage this weekend and was delighted to see that the mini-amphitheater will...
Digger welcomes you to the new Mordecai Children's Garden
Along with these everyday adventures you find in the Children’s Garden, daily drop-in programs are available for you to investigate natural processes even further. Last week, visitors had the opportunity to learn why different birds have different beaks, how a tree grows, and what the insides of a plant look like. More fun is scheduled to open late in September when Pipsqueak Pond and Sagebrush Stage will be open for exploration! Location: York...
Herbcrafts at the Gardens
Did you love your grandma while you were growing up?  Of course you did!  She was wise and loving and wanted nothing more for you than for you to be happy, healthy and to grow up to be a good person.
2010 Sustainable Food Film Series at the Gardens
Denver Botanic Gardens is thinking of you…thinking of your budget…thinking of what’s on your plate (literally)…thinking of what you might like to have on your plate (this time, both literally and figuratively)…and thinking that we might just have a nice way to enhance all of these things for you.
Eugenia Bone speaks about the Kitchen Ecosystem Thursday, July 29
This year, the Bonfils-Stanton Series has enjoyed a great deal of success by drawing a large audience.  And its terrific to see some of that success go to a Colorado author whose work appears in the Denver Post and the New York Times.  This Thursday, July 29, Eugenia Bone speaks on The Kitchen Ecosystem at Denver Botanic Gardens at 7:00 p.m.   
Flavors to Savor in the Boettcher Memorial Tropical Conservatory
When it is as hot outside (and inside the Boettcher Memorial Tropical Conservatory), as it has been, I tend to find myself eating more ice cream. Last night as I was enjoying a mixed bowl of chocolate and vanilla ice cream, it made me think about two of my favorite plants in the Boettcher Tropical Conservatory:  Theobroma cacao, or chocolate, and Vanilla planifolia or, you guessed it, vanilla. V. planifolia is...
Green Roof for the West Symposium this Thursday, June 17, 8 a.m.-5 p.m.
Bryant Terry - "Redefining Soul Food"
how a love of food and the role it has played in his culture inspired this eco-chef to reposition soul food as healthy fare and good for one’s own soul.  Part of Terry’s impetus to reposition soul food to a healthier cuisine is his concern with food justice.  With the plethora of current media attention to the need for our society to develop a healthier, more sustainable food system, it is...