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Music from Agaves and Corn DNA?

Music from Agaves and Corn DNA?

Last night I decided to check out the Digital Nature event here at the Gardens. My understanding from Rachel's blog was that it was a digital art event with a focus on how technology does not have to be separate from nature. I really did not know what to expect but ended up attending what was probably the coolest event we have ever had here at the gardens.

What was great...

Digital Nature: An evening of multimedia art


Thursday, Oct. 9 from 7-10 p.m.
Featuring art and music by:
David Fodel. Normal Ones. Natascha Seideneck & Rebecca Dolan. Cacheflowe. Corey Scott & Dafe Hughes. h.dot and little dove. Ten and Tracer.

Video created for Addictive TV Mixmasters Series, 2003
Music by David Fodel

This year's Urban Nature theme has been rich fodder for discussion of the interaction of the urban and natural worlds. This Thursday evening, Oct. 9, the Gardens' Education Department presents...

Season of Inspiration

Season of Inspiration

This is the season of inspiration.  I know everyone talks about gardening in the spring, but this is the time of year that motivates me.  Every garden has come into its own.  Yards, parks, estates, landscapes: by now you know what they are going to be.  Thick slabs of watermelon, backlogs of zuchini, fulsome fruit and fields of flowers: even the weeds seem mastered by an all-encompassing abundance.  The failures (we've...

The Dog Days of Summer


Here is another guest blog post from our friend and colleague, Elizabeth Bublitz, at Paw-Friendly Landscapes. If you are enjoying her posts, don't forget to check out her Pet-Friendly Landscapes class this coming September, where you can get all your questions answered in a fun, practical evening program.

Hot Dog!!!!

Boy is it July!  It is so hot these days with very little rain. It’s hard to believe my last blog was about...

Spring Showers - A Mixed Blessing for your Dog?


Well, it seems that our recent guest blog by Elizabeth Bublitz on 'Paw-friendly gardening' was a popular topic, judging by the busy comment queue! Luckily for us, Elizabeth is turning out to be an enthusiastic blogger. In addition to taking the time to respond to comments (thank you!), she has plenty more to teach us about making our gardens as safe and friendly as possible for our cherished pets. With all the...

It's snow lovely

It's snow lovely

Wednesday's sudden snow may have been inconvenient for an evening commute, but it sure was lovely. Members who turned out for their night got a real treat, as long as they enjoyed the snow.  I popped out and grabbed a few shots before the flakes melted into my clothes. 

Wednesday night was also the first time that Urban Nature has been on display for an audience.  Congratulations to everyone who put that together! ...