Bioblitz uncovers previously unknown populations
Denver Botanic Gardens staff were among the thirty-six scientists who donated their time in the first Soapstone Prairie Natural Area Bioblitz, surveying all species in a 24-hour period. Ten scientist teams inventoried insects, mammals, fungi, birds, reptiles, amphibians, and of course plants. Over fifty species were added to the list of known flora and fauna at Soapstone Prairie, including a mushroom (Amanita sp) that may be new to science (see photo...
Home, Home on the Meadow
Congratulations to our 2009 horticulture interns!
Finishing up their internship last week, our 2009 interns were some of the best. Students presented their projects and they were recognized for their hard work during a luncheon. Our best wishes to these students as they complete their studies and enter the professional world of horticulture, be it commercial, academic or public horticulture. Also, special thanks to our internship program coordinator, Horticulturist Ann Montague, who has spent countless hours coordinating...
Altai by camel caravan
Primula nivalis on summit of pass in Mongolia
Springing into Spring with your Dog
To this date, our most popular post continues to be one that Elizabeth Bublitz of Paw-Friendly Landscapes wrote on 'Paw-Friendly Gardening.' Luckily for us, she is back in blogging mode and sending us new posts! Here is one for those of you who have or want to install a garden fence. If you enjoy Elizabeth's posts, be sure to check out her class on August 13 at the Gardens (visit our calendar page to register!). Healthy Fences
Celebrating Wildflowers Hike
Celebrating Wildflowers isn't only for the little ones. You can enjoy Colorado native plants in the metro area. You don't want to miss this great, free, guided tour of spring blooms on Green Mountain. The Bureau of Land Management's botanists will teach you all about the beautiful spring blooms.
The dinosaurs are arriving!
Installation of the life-size dinosaur sculptures started today at York Street. It is amazing to see how realistic they appear. Our talented horticulture and operations staff are doing everything possible to make it seem like our prehistoric guests actually are at home roaming the Gardens. Plant displays will showcase prehistoric plants and their modern relatives.   "Jurassic Gardens" opens on April 17.  
Living within Nature's Landscape Cont'd.
When I wrote that I was unsure how to live within a Western landscape in drought, it it immediately seemed that Nature took offence and sent snow and precipitation directly at us.  We're still in a drought, but the winter storm that forced us to reschedule Susan Tweit and Jim Steinberg certainly illustrated another way to live within the landscape. 
[gallery] I've been watching the quiet declaration of drought conditions with an eye more curious than fearful.  The US drought monitor classifies the current conditions as moderate drought, or D1, which is pretty low on the scale. The gardeners around me, however, range from "not on my weather radar" indifference to head-shaking, ground-staring, "I knew this day would come" pessimism.  It would make a fascinating study of human personality, I think,...
World-Building with James Gurney
People love to use their imagination to create new worlds.  It doesn't matter if its a child creating a fairy garden or a grown-up gardener contemplating a new design for the spring: world-building is a favorite activity of almost everyone.  And the right blend of imagination and realistic techniques can make the world as compelling as our own.