Mexican Journal: Day 1 - Morelia
Of course, a tour is not complete without visiting a place of botanical interest! So, in finding out that there was an Orchid Museum (Orquidario) within a short distance from our hotel, a few of us plant nerds ended up at the Orquidario. Though the display itself was not very significant, I am now in possession of a tissue-cultured Laelia autumnalis orchid to add to our collections. The advantage of...
Botany is for Gardeners
Contain yourself!
Holy Cacao! Making Chocolate with Your Child
Kids will taste chocolate that has no cream or sugar added usually referred to as baking chocolate. This is the first time you will see your child spit out chocolate!  From there, the experience will only get sweeter and kids will finally find out what it is they really love about chocolate: cream and sugar!  So come ready to make your own chocolate, drink some chocolate and learn about theobroma,...
Natural Dye Making in Berry Bonanza: Seedlings Classes
Botanica Magnifica on Saturday
 The Great Pumpkin Hunt: Seedlings Classes
Don't miss this class next Tuesday at Denver Botanic Gardens. If you have a 3-, 4- or 5-year old, sign them up for an adventure out in the Gardens.  The adventure starts out learning about the pumpkin life cycle and the pumpkin plant family. 
Overwintering Hardy Aquatic Plants at Denver Botanic Gardens
The most pressing concern of the Gardens' visitors each summer relates to what we do with our aquatic plants during the winter. The horticulture staff is now challenged as construction continues with the dynamic restructuring of our Gardens. Although we must make adjustments in over-wintering plants, the same principles apply. Hardy waterlilies are hardy to zone 5a (USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Map) and can be over-wintered in Denver by lowering the...
Creating Community: Seedlings Classes
This is a time where kids from ages 3-5 can get together, have fun and explore the wonders of nature.  Their parents also have fun with one another and find camaraderie in the fact that their children are learning not only to appreciate nature, but also how to interact with nature and preserve its beauty. 
Secret wonders at Denver Botanic Gardens