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Eating Locally--The Year Begins in March!


It's March, and my gardening year has begun! I've planted seeds for lettuces, spinach, and scallions, and put in my baby onions to get fat. Some people have luck with peas, but they've never worked for me, between our instant summer weather that is just too much for them, and the birds who love the fresh shoots. Still, I plant them every year, in eternal hope, since I love them.

I'm hoping for a good asparagus crop this year, since this is the 5th year since I planted it, and it gets better every year. The garlic that went in last fall is looking good; I just have to remember to water it from time to time, since we have had no moisture here in Denver in months. And, as you can see in the picture, every flat surface in my house is covered with tomato and pepper seedlings! One great thing about a vegetable garden is that you get to start anew every year, out in the cool, fresh air, in anticipation of wonderful treats to come!


Linda Maich

Now I know what you do on your days off. I'm looking forward to tasting the asparagus. Can you find a way to bake it into a bread? Thanks for the vegetable inspiration.

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