Natives in fall
The benefits of growing native plants are many - they are easy to grow, they increase native biodiversity, they reduce the risk of introducing invasives, and they use little water to name a few. In fall though, probably more than any other time of year, the overriding reason is their beauty.
Wildflower extravaganza right now!
Are plants important? If so, why? These seem like odd questions considering my career, but they have been on my mind a lot lately. To me plants are part of who I am; I have no interest in a planet without wild areas, without diversity, these are the things that give life color. Recent conversations have indicated that many people do not feel this way and want justification for spending resources...
Why Baby Vegetables are a Luxury, and Other Thoughts on Preparing for Winter
Preparing for winter? Yes, I've been thinking about winter for a couple months now, ever since I decided to try to eat more local foods. I won't be limiting myself to eating only foods grown in Colorado, especially over the winter, but I am wanting to pay more attention to where my food comes from. And, I have extra incentive, since local foods tend to be cheaper these days than foods relying on expensive long-distance transportation!
Denver Botanic Gardens is at the Beijing Olympics!
Congrats to Maggie
Please join me in congratulating my University of Denver graduate student, Maggie Gaddis, on the successful defense of her masters thesis, "Environmental impact of restoration of riparian ecosystems: fitting Russian olive (Elaeagnus angustifolia) into the picture." This research was funded by a grant to Denver Botanic Gardens by the Center for Invasive Plant Management to assess the success of restoration projects across the Rocky Mountain region where invasive Russian...
A Fire Renews: See the Results for Earth Day
  Remember that photographic puzzler I posted? Well, yes, the answer seems to have been widely known: the Laura Smith Porter Plains Garden was undergoing its every-few-years renewal burning. The other, exciting picture above captures a bit of the day, and the other shows blackened swaths. The sedate pictures below reveal the exciting success of the burn.    
During our recent stairwell work in the Boettcher Memorial Education Building, all of our staff and visitors had to avoid the public stairwell and use the elevator or the stairs near my office. One day, I found a child and chaperone looking for their school group. I volunteered to guide them to the classrooms to see if their group was there. We stepped behind the scenes, through a shadowed hallway...