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Community Youth Add to Urban Nature Exhibit


Youth Enjoy Urban Nature at the Gardens
Last month eight youth organizations created responses to the concept of "Urban Nature." Each group of kids painted 8x8' murals to present their view on how the city and the natural world meet. These brightly colored paintings are visible at a distance and can be found along the El Pomar waterway. Many have a global message and remind us we are one people on the planet, and need to care for it accordingly. Among the participants are: Academia Maria Sandoval, Beacon Neighborhood Center, Butterfly Hope, Globeville Recreation Center, Jefferson High School, Our Lady of Fatima Catholic School, West High Mural Club, and Wilfley Boys & Girls Club. Students and their families enjoyed a special evening in their honor to celebrate their creativity.


Doris Boardman

I love that the first panel says "Urban" and the last panel says "Nature." Some amazing detail on each of them.
Lacey Hawk

Most of the time, adults believe it is their duty to teach our children the "ways of the world." Sometimes it is overwhelmingly refreshing to learn something from our children, or to look at the world through a child's eyes. This reciprocal, educational relationship between the two is much like the relationship between urban life and nature. What a wonderful coincidence!!!!

It is great to know that we are hosting such outstanding student artists in our own backyard. Great exhibit!

Very nice Blog! Interesting thing you have here! Good lucK!

I painted the nature. Im 16 feels great to have something up thier

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