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A Busy Day


april-and-snow-003-small.jpg april-and-snow-001-small.jpg

Wow!  That was a fantastic Earth Day.  About 6,000 people passed through the Gardens, seeing, learning and enjoying. It's a chance for the Gardens to show its special strengths, like the Water-Smart Garden (above).  The Mayor visited to launch the Denver Daisy (Rudbeckia 'Denver Daisy') and many people took notice, including the Denver Post.  300,000 seed packets could mean that the city is covered in them by the end of summer. I also can't wait to see the different ways people use them in their landscape.  What will they be combined with?

Speaking of combinations and juxtapositions, part of the Garden's Urban Nature exhibit is to discover what is happening in neighborhoods and parks, business centers and back alleys.  The Urban Nature photoblog is now up and running.  Did you see something on Earth Day that captured the occasion? Is there a small green sample of really determined nature in your urban habitat? Share what you see, from the beauty of spring to the provocation of art. Its simple, and you could win tickets to the Chatfield World Music Festival. 



Where can I buy Denver Daisy seeds?
Matt Cole

I think many places are giving the seeds away while supplies hold out. You might have to make a purchase if you want a plant that has already been started. The last time I looked there were still packets available free at Denver Botanic Gardens Information Desk. Anyone else seen them in a Garden center?

I wanted to suggest that you go to the following Web site for locations regarding where you can pick up the Denver Daisy seed packet. Please go to http://www.denver.org/150/Home.html It's also a cool place to find out more about Denver's 150th birthday. Of course, like Matt says, you can pick up a free packet any day at the Gardens Visitor Information Desk.
Doris Boardman

Just found out that the Information Desk at the Gardens is out of seed packets. Try the other places listed at http://www.denver.org/150/Home.html. Here is an image of the Denver Daisy on Lacey's blog entry: http://www.botanicgardensblog.com/index.php/2008/05/22/just-another-day-at-the-office/#more-206

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