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Blue Poppy in Bloom



image and location of Meconopsis 'Lingholm'

Meconopsis 'Lingholm' is currently in bloom in the garden on the north side of the Education Building (adjacent to the temporary visitor parking lot). This is the first time this jewel has bloomed in this garden after being planted in 2005. The first sky-blue flower just opened today and there are several more buds too on this rather hairy plant. This variety, like other Himalayan blue poppies, thrives best in cool, partly shady conditions that are not too dry.


Ellen Hertzman

That little North Side garden is an absolute gem, and, until it became a public space because of our temporary parking lot, not one seen by too many people. There are some lovely and unusual plants back there, so take a look next time you visit...
Cindy Tejral Ne...

I first learned about Meconopsis when one of my grad school classmates decided for his thesis to try and grow them at Longwood Gardens as a display plant inside of the conservatory. It made a beautiful display with a long row of them planted against the window with some companion plants. Shannon Still can be thanked for introducing many more people to the wonderful world of Meconopsis!
Rachel Murray

When I saw that picture, I though NO WAY could that flower be that blue! Maybe a trick of the light? But I just went down there, and it is really that color. Just amazing.

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