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The Autumn Leaves in Montreal, Canada


Les feuilles d'automne

Hello from Montréal where I continue to learn and grow at the Montréal Botanical Garden. The colors of autumn are eclipsing the summer, but who am I to complain? Russet, saffron, burgundy, pink-orange and neon yellow offer an extraordinary beauty and a reminder that everything is cyclical and ever-changing.

Montréal Botanical Garden continues to astound me. My coworkers are welcoming and ever so tolerant of my accent when I speak French. Today at lunch, I was talking about the mountains of Colorado, and my coworkers thought that I was talking about Montana! Now, that made for an unusual conversation. So far, I have worked with people from Haiti, Morocco, Chile, the Ukraine, and Mexico; some of my coworkers even come from Canada. The guests who visit MBG are also patient, and many times they’re even grateful that I speak English. Sometimes, I’m relieved, too.

Last week, one of the Volunteers at MGB, Raymond Dufort, who has been a guide at the Garden for fourteen years, showed me a shaded forest in the First Nations Garden where chickadees ate bits of almonds straight from my hand. That was an exhilarating and joyful moment. It pays to spend time with people who know the secret corners of the world.

Raymond Dufort (left) and a ninety-two year old volunteer (right)


Linda with chickadee



Linda: It is so wonderful to keep up with you on the blog. The Montreal Botanic Gardens is lucky to have you and we will be so lucky to hear about your trip when you return. We miss you and are glad to know you are having the wonderful experiences that you are! Hello to everyone at MBG from all of us at DBG!!
Irene Shepard

Hi Linda, I have just discovered your blog. Bobbie has the picture of you and the chickadee on the Information desk computer! Enjoy your time away. Irene
Gail Martinez

Linda, thank you for the chuckle about language and your co-workers, thinking you were speaking about Montana instead of the mountains in Colorado. I can relate. Don't you love our Global world. Can't wait to hear more stories. Gail M
Raymond Dufort

Bonjour Linda, I have guided a lovevely lady at le Jardin Botanique de Montréal, who was very interested in 2 visits that I had with her, and one also whith Yvan Archambeault. You are very lucky to have such an interesting lady at the Denver garden close to the mountains.We were lucky to see also the Sobralia in bloom, since this orchid bloom only one day.I would have love to see more placess af the gardens that we have, Ce fut un grand plaisir d'avoir fait votre connaissance. Raymond Dufort
Linda Maich

Cher Raymond, Merci d’avoir écrit des courriels. Vous avez tant ajouté à mon aventure au Jardin botanique de Montréal. Je pense toujours à la mésange au forêt, les visites guidées, l’orchidée (Sobralia) dans la serre, et bien sûr, le thé au jasmin et les mooncakes au jardin de Chine. J’espère bien de vous voir au Jardin Botanique de Denver l’été prochain. Vous trouverez une atmosphere tellement différente mais tout aussi intéressante. À tantôt, Linda
Linda Maich

Cher Raymond, Merci pour les rensignements. J'aimerais bien voir l'exposition de Cuba. Je commence a preparer mon projet sur le Jardin botanique de Montreal. L'ordinateur, les photos, la musique, et les histoires m'occupent. J'espere que tu va tres bien. Linda
Raymond Dufort

Linda, la serre des plantes commestibles va être inaugurée demain le 4 décembre et j'ai hâte de la voir. En même temps une nouvelle exposition va débuter à la salle chlorophylle SOUS LE SOLEIL DE CUBA avec Marie Victorin- qui de 1937 a 1944 est aller étudier la flore de Cuba avec le frère Léon. Il allait à Cuba en décembre et janvier.Je crois que ça va être très intéressant comme expo. Je t'en donnerai des nouvelles Raymond

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