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Larry Vickerman
Director of Denver Botanic Gardens at Chatfield
Marisa Eisenstein
Manager of Annual Giving
Matt Cole
Director of Education
Membership Department
Mervi Hjelmroos-Koski
Manager of Botanical Art & Illustration Program
Michelle DePrenger-Levin
Research Associate
Mike Holloway
Nick Daniel
Nick Snakenberg
Curator Orchids / Greenhouse
Panayoti Kelaidis
Senior Curator & Director of Outreach
Rachel Murray
Manager of Interpretation & Evaluation
Rebecca Hufft Kao
Manager of Conservation Programs
Rick Levy
Database Associate
Rory O'Connor-Walston
Catalog Librarian
Sarada Krishnan
Director of Horticulture
Scott Dressel-Martin
Sean Mahoney
Gift Shop Representative
Sonya Anderson
Special Events
Tamara Kilbane
Senior Horticulturist