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Two species new to science are housed in our herbaria

Two species new to science are housed in our herbaria

The new fungal specimen is Smithiomyces crocodilinus, only the third known species of this rare genus. The specimen was collected during a 2009 bioblitz at Soapstone Prairie Natural Area by Jack Jones, with Ed Lubow, Marc Donsky, Nora Jones and Rob Hallock, members of the Colorado Mycological Society. The specimen was first mistaken as a member of the genus Amanita. Once examined at our Sam Mitchel Herbarium of Fungi, curator...


Celebrate Endangered Species Day

Celebrate Endangered Species Day

The skiff milkvetch (Astragalus microcymbus) was listed as a candidate species for protection under the Endangered Species Act in 2010 largely due to data we collected during the 16 years we have been studying the species. The small member of the pea family is found in a single drainage outside of Gunnison, Colorado. Our first 9 years of data documented decreases in population size across our monitoring plots. We suspect...