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Featured Garden of the Week: Lilac Garden

Featured Garden of the Week: Lilac Garden

Denver Botanic Gardens is home to over 300 taxa (which includes hybrids and cultivars) of about 69 species of Iris. This diversity is distributed throughout the Gardens, though a majority is displayed in the Lilac Garden. Situated almost in the middle of our grounds, the irises in this garden are currently at their peak flowering stage. A few lilacs that did not get zapped by our late spring frost are...


Green Roof – a year-and-a-half later

Green Roof – a year-and-a-half later

The green roof at Denver Botanic Gardens opened in November 2007. Within a year and a half, this garden has established very well creating a green space where once was a regular cemented roof. Situated above our former gift shop (soon to become a bistro), this one-of-a-kind green roof features native and drought tolerant plants that thrive well in our semi-arid climate with limited water. The green roof was initially established...


The New Community Garden: An Urban Community Treasure


After much anticipation, the community garden plots were laid out this week. The creation of this garden has taken well over a year. Back and forth negotiations with Denver Water to acquire their property at Congress Park, community meetings, planning and implementation, all these have been truly a joint effort by many people. [gallery] Last year, the community gardeners at Denver Botanic Gardens’ Waring/Gaylord Community Garden were requested to clear their...