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Mexican Journal: Day 1 - Morelia

Mexican Journal: Day 1 - Morelia

Of course, a tour is not complete without visiting a place of botanical interest! So, in finding out that there was an Orchid Museum (Orquidario) within a short distance from our hotel, a few of us plant nerds ended up at the Orquidario. Though the display itself was not very significant, I am now in possession of a tissue-cultured Laelia autumnalis orchid to add to our collections. The advantage of...


Why do leaves change color in the Fall?

Why do leaves change color in the Fall?

So, what causes the change in leaf color? In leaves, both the green chlorophyll and the yellow-orange carotenoid pigments occur within the chloroplasts. Since there are more chlorophyll pigments than the carotenoid pigments, the leaves appear green. In the fall, the chlorophyll pigments decompose allowing the caretenoids to express themselves as orange and yellow. In some plants, the leaf cells produce red pigments, the anthocyanins. In these leaves, once the...