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The first daisies...Townsendia

The first daisies...Townsendia

...even they have been known to coo over the first easter daisies (Townsendia); those tiny treasures that are often the first native wildflowers to bloom across the plains and intermountains West.  The picture here was taken last year, but the townsendias in my garden should be open by week's end, and I am sure there are some blooming somewhere near Denver on the piedmont. Some years you can even find...


And even MORE early blossoms...

And even MORE early blossoms...

Iris reticulata 'Clairette' I have a bank at home studded with a dozen or so of these blooming right now, and I see them poking up here and there all over the Gardens. You know the problem with America? How come there are medical marijuana outlets popping up every ten feet and still not enough reticulate irises? Do we have our priorities skewed or what? These majestic miniatures from Western Asia thrive in...