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Pollination Research

Pollinator visiting Sclerocactus glaucus (Colorado hookless cactus)

Pollinators provide critical ecosystem services. Pollinator research is important to better understand the relationships between pollinators and plants and to improve conservation and management of both plants and pollinators. Here at the Gardens we work with roughly 70 of Colorado’s most rare and imperiled plants through surveys, monitoring, and seed collection.


Cherry Blossom Blitz

Cherry Blossom Blitz

With the beautiful, warm weather recently I have spent a lot more time outside and have enjoyed watching the first signs of spring every where I look. My chives are coming up in the garden and my lilacs are leafing out. Here at the Gardens there are so many plants starting to bloom, from the daffodils to the magnolias. Observations like these make up the science of phenology.