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Minding Your Vegetable Garden

Vegetable Gardening

The beginning of each spring allows vegetable gardeners the opportunity to plan and plant a brand new garden. The most time-consuming part of putting in the vegetable garden is over by early June. You purchased vegetable transplants at the garden center or grew your own starts near a sunny window. Bed preparation is completed and the plants and seeds are officially in the ground.


Down Below: High Altitude Garden Tour

Parmenter land

A good day on the mountain is a day you don’t have to go to “down below”. “Down below” in Alaska refers to the lower 48.  “Down below” in Colorado means anywhere off the mountain – like the town where the grocery store is. After we’ve saved up errands and we are completely out of toilet paper, someone negotiates being the one to go. This is when the one who gets to stay home starts adding things to the list.  This can be dangerous.


Garden of Youth

anti-aging, facial acupressure, herbs, Sarah Spearman

Wouldn’t it be lovely to stumble across the legendary “Fountain of Youth” and wake up one day looking and feeling ten years younger?  Instead of spending time wishfully hoping for that fountain to appear, you can create your own GARDEN of youth and start moving those clock hands back a little.  You have everything you need to get started!


Travel with the Gardens in 2014

Dale Chihuly, "Blue and Purple Boat" (detail), 2006
 4 x 22 1/2 x  4',
 New York Botanical Garden, The Bronx, New York

Did you know that the Gardens has a trips and travel program that features an array of different opportunities to travel with our staff and instructors regionally, nationally, and internationally? Well if you didn’t, keep us in mind as your make your travel plans! This year our education staff has put together a variety of trips - from backpacking and viewing wildflowers to checking out the work of Dale Chihuly in Seattle.