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Fragrant Roses

Fragrant Roses: picture of Abraham Darby rose

While it’s quite wonderful to receive a dozen long-stemmed red roses on Valentine’s Day, what better time to daydream about and plan your very own lusciously fragrant rose garden? You can then create your garden of long-lasting, disease-resistant roses in the colors and fragrances (fruits, flowers, spices and many others) of your choice. 


Garden Myths and Secrets


The use of passed down pearls of wisdom and urban garden myths to improve plants and landscapes is as common as homemade cold and flu recipes. Has someone in your garden circle suggested some fool-proof miracle cure, product or technique to fix what’s ailing your plant or make it grow better? 


Beekeeping Basics


In winter, there isn't much a beekeeper can do to help the bees other than watch your hive entrances, keep them clear of snow, inspect the bottom board for activity in the hive and be sure the hives are protected from the wind! If you have a window in a top bar hive, you can sometimes catch a glimpse of the winter cluster (the huddle of bees in a ball). It's a good time to catch up on reading bee journals, repair and replace old equipment and render wax for candles, salves and balms. 


Playing with Flowers


In the depths of winter I love to amuse myself with flower crafts. Winter weather allows you the time indoors to pull out the craft box and let that inner artist dance around. A snowy weekend afternoon is perfect for this - after the prerequisite smoked salmon benedict brunch and nap under the covers. Revived, you can pull out easy, inexpensive ingredients and spend time off immersed in the colors of summer. Fun to do with the kids, also. I loved watching the concentration exerted by my macho nephews when we made floral candles for Christmas gifts one year.