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Pack, Port and Serve - Picnicking in Style

Pack, Port and Serve - Picnicking in Style

Taking in a summer concert at Denver Botanic Gardens is an experience like no other. The thousands of blooming plants, camaraderie of the crowd and sounds of some of the country’s hottest musical acts combine for a special energy that keeps people coming back summer after summer. My husband and I have been attending Denver Botanic Gardens Summer Concert Series for many seasons.  Of course, we love the music. The only thing...


Sunrise Vinyasa Yoga in the Gardens

Sunrise Vinyasa Yoga in the Gardens

Our lives are extremely busy - always focusing on the next event, driving from point A to B, scheduling meetings, answering phone calls and walking with our head down staring at our cell phone. We are living in a constant state of fast-paced motion and forgetting to take a minute to breathe and observe. We are losing our focus on what is important - attention to detail, meaningful movement throughout...