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Flavors of Morocco


Moroccan cuisine is steeped in a deep and diverse culinary history dating back to medieval times. The food is vibrant, warming and welcoming. Morocco is most well-known for significant use of spices, herbs and aromatics. Traditional and modern culinary styles were influenced by the Berbers of North Africa, Europe and the Middle East, giving us an exotic, intriguing and refined cuisine. Morocco was located in the area of the spice routes, lending to this extensive use of spices.


Healthy Cooking at Home: How to Stock Your Pantry


Is it likely that you will be making a New Year’s resolution to start eating better and cooking at home more? If you find it challenging to come up with a constant array of new recipes, this class is perfect for you, whether cooking for yourself or your family. The best cooks don’t base their meals off a specific recipe and head straight to the grocery store; rather, they look at what ingredients they already have and create something delicious. Cooking fresh, healthy meals all week long isn’t difficult, but it does require a well-stocked pantry.


Three Girls, Three Gardens, Thirty Days

lettuce, eggplant and cauliflower image

One hot summer day I went to visit my former client’s organic garden and she said to me, “One day I want to eat just from my garden. I wonder if I could do it for a month?” I quickly responded that I loved the idea and wanted to try it. Our friend, who is an organic urban grower, wanted to take this challenge as well. The three of us planned to live off of our gardens from September 1-30.