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The call of the compost heap...


I was once jokingly asked by a co-worker in a previous career if I was going to answer 'the call of the compost heap' and quit my job to garden full time. It seems that this turned out to be closer to the truth than I thought at the time. Do you compost your kitchen and garden waste at home? If you do you are already aware of the reduction in...


Are Plants Important?


Are plants important? If so, why? These seem like odd questions considering my career, but they have been on my mind a lot lately. To me plants are part of who I am; I have no interest in a planet without wild areas, without diversity, these are the things that give life color. Recent conversations have indicated that many people do not feel this way and want justification for spending resources...


Record Agave Blooms

Record Agave Blooms

  Though a common occurrence in parts of the southwest, century plants  (Agave sp.),  blooming in Denver are rare. Most years there is one blooming somewhere in Denver and we all take trips to visit it and marvel at the huge flower spike. This year we are lucky enough to have three blooming here at the Gardens. Ok, so only one is the insanely tall (about 18 feet) flower spike of Agave...