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Andrea Thurber
Volunteer Coordinator
Angie Andrade Foster
Ann Montague
Brian Vogt
Chief Executive Officer
Brien Darby
Greenhouse Production Assistant
Cindy Newlander
Associate Director of Horticulture
Digger the Marmot
Mordecai Children's Garden Mascot
Doris Boardman
Web Technology Manager
Ebi Kondo
Senior Horticulturist
Emilee Vanderneut
Horticulturist Lead
Featured Instructor
Jennifer Ramp Neale
Director of Research & Conservation
Jennifer Riley-Chetwynd
Director of Marketing & PR
John Murgel
Julie Casault
Katy Wilcox
Greenhouse Horticulturist
Kim Manajek
Associate Director of Exhibitions, Art & Library Collections
Larry Vickerman
Director of Denver Botanic Gardens at Chatfield
Maria Bumgarner
Senior Horticulturist
Marisa Eisenstein
Manager of Annual Giving