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Art in the Gardens - Permanent Collection Edition


Denver Botanic Gardens not only hosts traveling art exhibitions, but is home to a permanent collection of beautiful paintings, drawings, prints, rare books, photographs, sculptures and more!

Below: So Proud of My Children by artist Nicholas Kadzungura stands among the flowers in the Ornamental Grasses garden.

"So Proud of My Children" by artist Nicholas Kadzungura

Nicholas Kadzungura, So Proud of My Children, 2002, springstone


J. Young

I am from So. Calif. and was fortunate enough to visit your gardens this week with my daughter while we were visiting my son in Denver. The collections of plants and the displays were some of the most amazing I have seen at any of the botanical gardens I have visited. My only regret was that we were not able to spend more time there and that many of the plants in your collections would not grow well here in So. Calif. If at all possible, I was wondering the name of the artist who made the hanging ceramic pots that are hanging outside Marnie's Pavillion. They are of various colors and have "tendrils" hanging from the bottom of each pot. I love them and would love to see if I could find something similar for sale. I look forward to my next visit so that I can spend more time in the gardens. Thank you!
Jen Tobias

I'm glad you enjoyed your visit, J., and thanks for the kudos! I know just the pots you're talking about - they're made by Diana Moulds, an artist based out of Phoenix. Take a look at her website for more information - http://www.tentaclearts.com.

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