Fritillaria meleagris is one of springs unexpected flowers, better know as leper lily.
Spring is a time of coming out.  Of coming up.  Of unearthing.  Of flowering or even swelling and bursting with life and passion.  I love it in the Garden because of all the botanical treats, but I love spring yards and landscapes because you finally see what your neighbors have doing.  Their bulbs are up, buds are blooming and trees are greening.  There’s something to talk about on every corner.  And I think that’s an important ritual of neighborliness in spring too—telling one another how great their flowers and plants and effort looks too.
The word “Ikebana” is derived from two words: “ike” which means to live or make alive and “bana(=hana)” which means flowers or plants.   “Ikebana” literally means “to make (cut) flowers alive.”  While love toward floral beauty has long inspired people in the East and West to decorate their indoor surroundings with cut flowers, leaves and branches, it is a unique characteristic of “Ikebana” to arrange these in a way that expresses the life of the plant materials.  Ikebana reflects
Phalaenopsis by S. Issanti
San Francisco coast line
Urban, wild, colorful and cultural, San Francisco and the Bay Area offer some of the most diverse natural and urban landscapes and sublime visual opportunities on the West Coast.  Join Denver Botanic Gardens Official Photographer Scott Dressel-Martin for a multi-day photography excursion to San Fra
Outdoor painting
New or seasoned to the art of painting, join us at the Gardens for some inspiration for your next painting! Painting outdoors is attributed to the Impressionists. It was the magic of photography that allowed them to see what affect time of day and sunlight had on their surroundings. Before the camera, artists would often have one painting with several different light sources going on.        
<em>Iris sari </em>(Gottorfer Codex)
Knowing that Denver Botanic Gardens has a world-renowned Botanical Art & Illustration Program, when I noticed that the Danish State Art Museum (henceforward referred to as SMK) was situated across the street from the botanic garden in Copenhagen, of
It’s the year of Catalyst
So many things serve as catalysts at the Gardens. The most important, of course, is Mother Nature. Changing light and temperature provokes massive changes throughout, from the inklings of crocus to the ripening of vegetables. Scientists nestled behind our greenhouses combine plant cells with a growing medium and a controlled environment to propagate an unlimited number of new plants. Classes, from the New Gardener Boot Camp to Botanic Illustration, stimulate all...
Contemporary Traditions: Botanical Art and Illustration
From February 11 to April 1, the Denver Botanic Gardens School of Botanical Art & Illustration is featured in the Contemporary Traditions exhibition at the Parker Arts, Culture and Events Center (PACE), Parker’s premier cultural facility. With gorgeous botanical drawings and paintings in a variety of media, juried by noted British botanical artist Ann Swan, this is an exhibit not to be missed.
Floriade 2012: Theme Environment
  Throughout the Floriade Park, deliberately designed themed gardens are surrounded by large expanses of lawn interspersed with colorful flower borders. Though the season was just beginning with annuals just being planted, most of the borders were very attractive in a combination of purple and red from Nepeta (catmint) and Papaver orientale (oriental poppy). Alliums were in their last stages of flowering, though the flower heads were still attractive.
Contemporary Perspectives: July 27 "Site Seen: Native Art in Public Spaces"
Native Roots | Modern Form Tour & Lecture Series Ryan Rice, curator “Site Seen: Native Art in Public Spaces” Wednesday, July 27, 2011 – Walk: 5:30 - 6:30 p.m., Talk: 7 - 8 p.m.  By locating native art that occupies space in public settings, a connection between identity and place is made. Curator Ryan Rice investigates these connections and addresses the continuum of marking territory across the land. Ryan Rice (Mohawk) – Artist...