garlic cloves
Growing up in Kansas with a stern Baptist grandmother I had a lot of early experience with home remedies. Returning from a grandma visit to jeering siblings I often had garlic breath and sported flaky baking soda poultices. I found Grandmother fascinating and diligently followed her around her cobwebby basement checking out shelves full of mysterious liniments, syrups and salves.
As we’ve gained more storytelling mediums in my lifetime (video games, music videos, webcomics and more), I certainly feel like the short story has taken a hit in prevalence and influence. So into the gap comes Denver-based Stories on Stage; they bring short stories from any era to life in compelling readings.
Late winter to early spring is the ideal time to prune deciduous shrubs before new growth begins.  Although it’s easy to neglect these garden workhorses, view pruning as important to growing a healthy shrub that will set off the rest of your garden efforts.
Between now and February 24, the Orangery at Denver Botanic Gardens is hosting the annual Orchid Showcase. In addition to the blossom show being put on behind the glass walls of the collections greenhouses, the transitional space of the Orangery itself is festooned with orchids, mostly hybrids of the genus Phalaenopsis. 
Vignette at Würzburg Among the top rank of botanic gardens are gardens whose name ends with "burgh" or suchlike: Edinburgh, Gothenburg, Nymphenberg. The botanic garden at the University of Würzburg is the epitome of all I love and admire in the profession I've been so lucky to pursue. My visit there was half agony, but mostly ecstasy...Why do you ask?
Spells of fairly warm winter weather are a hallmark of Colorado’s Front Range, providing us lucky residents a great chance to spend some time outdoors when our more easterly neighbors remain oppressed by grey cold.  Conifers are great for some winter greenery both in the wild and in gardens, but don’t overlook their more evolved cousins, broad-leaved evergreens.  Like the coniferous sort, broad-leaved evergreens hold
Everyone has a smell that can transport them back in time to a memory that brings a smile to the face. Different smells call to mind different emotions.  If you knew that one in particular helped to alter your mood, relax you in body and soul wouldn’t you want to try that perhaps instead of taking a pain killer to alleviate a headache?