Eriogonum corymbosum 'San Rafael'
  Eriogonum corymbosum 'San Rafael'
San Francisco coast line
Urban, wild, colorful and cultural, San Francisco and the Bay Area offer some of the most diverse natural and urban landscapes and sublime visual opportunities on the West Coast.  Join Denver Botanic Gardens Official Photographer Scott Dressel-Martin for a multi-day photography excursion to San Fra
Farm City: The Education of an Urban Farmer
Join us for the Fall 2013 session of Literature of the Land, a book club series hosted by the Helen Fowler Library. We delve into literature related to the land and to nature, discussing topics that may range from environmental issues to the culture of food and drink, from the American dust bowl to the cinnamon trees of Southeast Asia.  We’ll read three books over three months, focusing on a specific topic of interest.
We have a concert at York Street tonight, and tickets are still available! Be sure to read this bio compiled by Gardens’ member Rick Hum and his wife Sue Ann Hum (who were recently married at the Gardens before the Bruce Hornsby concert--they danced their first dance as a married couple at that concert!) before you go to the concert tonight.
Allium 'Millenium'
  Allium 'Millenium'
Victoria cruziana
It isn't often that I linger at work until after the sun sets. Tonight is an exception. This evening, our Victoria cruziana plants (also known by the common name of Santa Cruz Waterilies) are coming into full bloom in the Monet Pool. As I sit on a bench beside the pond, the heady pineapple scent of a first night's Victoria blossom drifts my way.
Josh Ritter
We have one concert at York Street next week, and tickets are still available! Be sure to read this bio compiled by Gardens’ member Rick Hum before you go to the concert. Josh Ritter & The Royal City Band Monday, August 12York StreetDoors: 6 p.m. / Show: 7 p.m.Tickets still available!
Sliced Peaches
Dripping down my chin, sticky fingers from sweet free-flowing juice and a bliss smile stretched across my face. Yes, this was my first taste of a truly sun-ripened summertime peach. My father had purchased a big box from a gentlemen passing through our remote mountainous town in northern New Mexico.  I had never seen such big, plump peaches in all my life…much less an entire box full. It was a warm day on our small porch of which I left sweet droplets of peach for the sun to dissolve.
Coryphantha sulcata
Most hardy cacti bloom in spring. Pediocactus simpsonii for instance (our wonderful mountain ball cactus) can open its first flowers in my garden in March. April and May see the peak bloom on various Echinocereus and suchlike. By mid June most cacti are done and seed is ripening. I grant you the cane chollas (Cylindropuntia) often wait till the 4th of July to bloom...
Happy Habitat Hotels
Birds and Bees' hotel
Indigo Girls
There are two concerts at York Street next week, and you can still get tickets to one of them! Be sure to read these bios compiled by Gardens’ member Rick Hum before you go to the concerts. Indigo Girls and von Grey Sunday August 4, 2013 York StreetDoors: 6 p.m. / Show: 7 p.m.SOLD OUT!